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“Never Ask a Woman with Winged Eyeliner Why She’s Late”

12 Dec

I love that quote because it’s so true. So many days of the week I get to work by the skin of my teeth (what a disgusting expression, where did it even come from?) ONLY because I had to take that extra few minutes (ahem 20) to make my eyeliner juuuust right.

You know when people ask you about that one beauty item you just have to have with you if you’re trapped on a desert island? Well for me, it’s eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner to be exact and NARS Eyeliner Stylo, Carpates, if we’re going to be very specific. I discovered it about a year and a half ago – on my boyfriends’ cousins eyelid…sorry for that weird image. This girl is always a 10, hair perfect, makeup flawless and outfit to die for. And then there’s me. Now don’t get me wrong, I have my sh*t together as well but I don’t have a steady hand and never could work those liquid liners the way Adele can.

Adele Liner

Naturally, I asked my eyeliner role model what liner she used and I got the holy grail of information – Nars Stylo. So what did I do? Immediately make my way to the nearest Sephora and buy myself the very same eyeliner.

Since then, i’ve only had to replace the eyeliner once – that’s how long it last. My current stylo, did you know that means “pen” in french, is starting to run low but from day 1 to day empty, the eyeliner is consistent and always flawless. I think the pen design is what makes it so easy to apply, it’s much steadier and the liner just glides on your eye. I don’t see myself making a switch any time soon.

Nars Stylo Eyeliner

Ladies, if your liquid eyeliner skills are less than impressive – try out the Nars Stylo eyeliner, I highly recommend it and I doubt you will be disappointed. If you do, let me know how you like it!


How To: Smokey Eyes

31 May

The smokey eye look has been popular for quite some time now. However, if not executed correctly can result in the, also popular but highly unattractive, “raccoon eye” look.

Take for instance, Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl. It takes some serious skill not to smudge the excess amount of black eye shadow she wears, all over the rest of her face.

What happened to the days of Cindy Lou Who? She was so cute, where did she go wrong?

But anyway let’s not make the same mistakes she does and learn the proper way to apply that sexy look.

1. Prepare the lid with a base coat of eye shadow, also known as primer, to avoid oily creases and keep the eyes looking fresh throughout the night.

2. Apply black, brown, or grey eyeliner; depending on the smoky eye color you are looking for. Try to keep the liner as close to the lash line as possible and slowly thickening it as you get to the middle of the eye.

3. If you prefer color on the bottom lashes, apply lighter eyeliner and smudge it, either with a q-tip or your finger.

4. Choose a light-colored base. You will be working with a couple of different colors, so the base must always be the lightest for optimal blending. Apply the shadow over the lids to your browbone.

5. Now it’s time for the darker color. Try to stay within the same color hue or at least color family so as not to run the risk of looking like you are performing as the next drag queen act. Make sure the color stays below the crease of your eyelid. Once the eye shadow is applied, blend it in starting at your lash line. It is important to blend the color into the lash line so the eye liner appears lighter.

6. Check out the paint job. Fix any mistakes or do a little more blending with a q-tip if necessary.

7. Finally apply several coats of mascara for the truly eye-popping look and voila, you have mastered the smokey eye look.

I love this look because you can really pull off having minimal makeup since no one will be able to look anywhere but your gorgeous dazzling eyes.

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~