I Found the Perfect iPhone 6 Phone Case

11 Dec

I’m not a pioneer in technology whatsoever, so i change phones when I need to, read as – when they break. Well, my Blue Apple iPhone 5c finally croaked about a month ago and I sprang for…gasp, no surprise, another iPhone! The iPhone 6 to be exact!

So I bought the 64 GB Apple iPhone 6 because I was tired of that message that told me I was running out of memory. Those 16GB’s just don’t cut it anymore.

Anyway, I’m holding my new, shiny, scratch-free iPhone in my hand and thinking, what kind of phone case should I get? No way to the OtterBox. No offense of course, I know plenty of people who love their Otterbox phone cases for durability, but I’m dainty and I didn’t want a bulky phone case.

Back in the day, my boyfriend’s sister had gotten a phone case from J.Crew that was kind of like a book. Inside the cover there were even slots for credit cards and a pocket to hide a stash of dollar bills. I guess it was like a wallet case. Although even to this day I dream about that phone case, I’ve never been able to find it. However, the idea, or should I say, obsession, of getting a phone case that was like a book/wallet stuck with me.

Finally, by the grace of god I found this Lockwood iPhone 6 Case
. This was exactly what I had been looking for and it only took 2 months of near heart-attacks every time I dropped my iPhone in its flimsy plastic cover to find it. Isn’t it cute? Small, yet functional and can I say – incredibly cost-effective!


If you’ve been looking for something similar, check them out on Amazon. They come in different colors and options. How about you? Any other recommendations for similar iPhone 6 book/wallet phone cases? I am always open to switching it up especially with prices like these!


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