Filthy Couture

22 Jul

Starting a Fashion Line Seems fairly Easy..

It seems that I cannot go for too long without mentioning The Jersey Shore and its eccentric cast. Well this time, it’s not about Snooki, instead I want to talk about JWoww’s new clothing line, Filthy Couture. First off the idea behind it is to give consumers the chance to dress like JWoww while emptying out their bank accounts.

I’m not too sure who really wants to dress like her, but considering she just came out with a clothing line and has the nerve to charge $1000 per piece, there are those people out there. At first glance I was disappointed. Not in her, because with a name like Filthy Couture and seeing the way she dresses, I accepted the line to look trashy. Instead, I’m more disappointed in the fashion world that is allowing these shenanigans to go on. Can anybody become a designer now, and actually charge outrageous prices for clothes that look exactly like those cheap stores in the mall with items that leave very little for the imagination?

Ok, enough ragging on poor JWow, because after going through pictures from the fashion show, I am a little embarrassed to admit that some of the pieces really weren’t that bad. In fact, some dresses and bathing suits were really cute.

Check them out and decide for yourselves….

JWoww filthy couture, bikinis

I really like the bikinis/lingerie? Either way, they’re really girly and sexy and have a hint of Betsey Johnson’s style.

Jwow filthy couture dresses

These dresses are fairly low key for her, but I think they’re really pretty and perfect for a night out. Then there’s these outfits….

Jwow filthy couture trashy outfits

The last one on the right reminds me of a Barbie doll I had as a child. She had some sort of a heart shaped plastic thing on her body that would open to reveal, I can’t remember what. But the point is, it’s tacky.

Locket surprise Barbie

JWoww- Did you really think you could steal Barbie’s look and get away with it? Think again….

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


One Response to “Filthy Couture”

  1. frenchfan July 23, 2010 at 4:54 pm #

    I love your article and the first three pictures !

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