Crocs, Why Oh Why?

8 Jul

Crocs: The Beginning of the End

Crocs. When did society suddenly take such a turn for the worse to come out with this epic fail? I know in my last post I mentioned how ugly the Skechers Shape-Ups are, but nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the repulsiveness that are Crocs.

george bush and jack nicholson in crocs

This is really something

The whole point of that dreadful shoe is to allow your foot to breathe, while walking, being outside in the heat, etc. However being made out of rubber completely defeats the purpose, does it not? Can we all agree that rubber is a seriously helpful agent in making you sweat, rather than relieving you of your heat? Yeah, yeah, they have holes. But I think the only thing these holes bring is the ease with which to turn your shoe over and spill out the moisture caused by friction between your shoe and the full on rubber material.

The only people who can remotely pull off the croc look are babies, just because everything looks cute on them since it’s miniaturized.

baby wearing pink crocs

Oh and Get this, although many of us were glad to hear that Crocs were going out of business, turns out they are not! Voila, Crocs and Converse had a baby, and bring you the Cronverse. What will they think of next? I really cannot wait to see….

crocs and converse

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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