Silly Bandz

5 Jul

Silly Bandz, Sillier Adults

I have a little sister, she is 10 years old and just finished 4th grade. Like most little girls, she likes playing with small colorful things such as rubber bands, glitter, feathers, you know, arts and crafts type stuff. Well not too long ago, I remember her mentioning a new trend that hit her elementary school. It was called Silly Bandz and was just basically a colorful rubber band in the shape of some sort of animal, which you could wear as a bracelet. As soon as you took it off it would revert back to its original shape, whether that was a fish, a cow, a bone, really anything.

silly bandz, animal rubber bands

My sister loved these things and collected and traded them between her girlfriends at school. Well the world has turned upside down. Apparently it has become quite popular amongst adults as well?? Are they that bored, do they really lack any sort of style? How can you wear a bracelet that comes in a pack of 24 and costs roughly $5 and most importantly, was designed for elementary aged children?!

They have even been spotted on celebrities! Sarah Jessica Parker was seen sporting some of them, but she has a son, what could her excuse be? I think she took her reputation as a trendsetter a little too far, because at 45 years of age, now is not the time to start dressing like a 7 year old.

Is this really where fashion is going?

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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