One Shoulder Tops

1 Jul

It’s cheaper when you only have to pay for fabric for one shoulder right?

People are so fast to pick up trends here in Paris. As soon as something is on the runaway it appears in store window displays, and then immediately onto the streets. The latest rage is one shoulder shirts with ruffles at the top. I really like them and plan to soon rock this trend as well, I mean I have to fit in don’t I?

white one shoulder top

I totally remember when this trend appeared years ago and I wanted to partake in it so badly. I ended up finally buying a really cute shirt from Express and wore that thing out like it was my job; I must have been around 14 or so and had to save up to afford it, so worth it though 🙂

I found this at by Michael Kors; $58.99, that’s not too terrible for a designer shirt.

Michael Kors one shoulder top with ruffles

Then there’s this white one. The detail is not entirely ruffle but made to look as though they are flowers., $24, pretty cheap for such a nice top made of silk and cotton… a little too cheap if you ask me. What’s the catch?

one shoulder top with ruffles from ecrater

Who else is going to follow this revived fad?

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


One Response to “One Shoulder Tops”

  1. angie April 11, 2015 at 12:53 pm #

    Where can our purchase this from

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