Pets Need Jewels Too

30 Jun

Luxury you love…for your dog

Who says pets don’t deserve a little ice every once in a while? Two poodles & me provides every animal lover with a variety of accessories to adorn their loved ones in. Their slogan, “luxury you love…for your dog” truly encompasses the amount of sparkling choices featured on the site. These luxurious items range from tank tops to collars and even to Swarovski crystal ornaments!

Dog crystal collars, Two poodles and me

Some of the jewelry is so cute I’m tempted to buy a dog just so I can embellish her in diamonds. Pets really have become quite the accessory haven’t they?

You can even buy a special 4th of July collar, complete with red, white and blue diamonds, my oh my the options!

poodle red white and blue tutu

hahaha really that is just too much

The tank tops are the most ridiculous of the bunch. Some of them are just plain pictures outlined in crystal, while others have writing on them such as, birthday boy or girl. Yes I will pay $28 so my dog can look awesome one day out of the year….

dog tank top, birthday boy in swarovski crystal

See for yourself, maybe it’s not such a terrible idea afterall?

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~

*Special shout out to my friend Alex, thanks a bunch this site is a winner!


One Response to “Pets Need Jewels Too”

  1. Fleur July 1, 2010 at 2:21 pm #

    very cute!

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