L’Oreal, Making our Hair Beautiful One Mousse at a Time

25 Jun

This Mousse is out of this World, Trust Me..

Yesterday I was being a great friend and took my roommate to a professional haircare store near my office. She was looking to dye her hair and I figured this was the best place to take her. It’s really a great find, full of headbands, clips, hair ties, you name it.

They also have professional shampoos, conditioners, and other fun products. Well I just can’t resist pretty bottles sometimes. The people behind the marketing for some of these products seriously know what they are doing.

While helping her choose her new hair color, I saw the cutest little bottles of some type of hair cream by L’Oreal. Who knows what they are for, but they had names like slik caramel, pearl whip, and buttercup (ok I made that one up), but basically it was just the yummiest sounding names and I had to have one. I really needed one, you must understand, it was calling out to me.

Anyway I chose three bottles, slik caramel, that pearl thing, and one other one, I can’t even remember now what it was called. I held the three bottles out to the nice lady that was helping us and told her I wanted the best one to make my hair look healthy and shiny without styling. Without hesitation, she pointed to the slik caramel one. Ok sold, seriously it was that easy, and I couldn’t wait to get up this morning, wash my hair, and generously apply this magical mousse that would transform my hair into something from a fairytale.

Well my hair doesn’t look like Rapunzel’s, but I must say, it feels pretty fantastic. It’s really soft, which is a first, because French water is so dry it’s terribe 😦 So yea, it’s extremely soft and not at all frizzy, even though the humidity outside is reaching unbearable levels.

This is one of the first products I’ve used in a long time that I actually really think works and just helps hair look nice and subdued without crazy styling sessions.

See for yourself….

I hope it’s available in the states, hmmmm

Loreal hair styling products

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


One Response to “L’Oreal, Making our Hair Beautiful One Mousse at a Time”

  1. Fleur July 1, 2010 at 2:22 pm #

    envy to try !

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