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24 Jun

Birthday Presents Make Me Smile

My birthday was this past Monday. I can honestly say that it was one of the most enjoyable birthdays I’ve had since I was very little and woke up to gorgeous flowers and the best presents from my parents. I love my birthday, I always have. I think it’s because my parents always made it so special for me, full of surprises and activities that truly made the day unforgettable.

As time progresses, birthdays start to become just another day, well just another day that makes you a year older. Why is it that we cannot wait to stack on the years when we’re little, but at a certain point realize it’s the last thing we want?

Anyway, as I was saying, I had an amazing day. Every year Paris holds a festival called La Fête de la Musique. Well, fortunately for me, this day fell right on my birthday. Or actually, Paris knew it was my birthday and as a gift, had everyone sing, dance, and drink to my health!

Aside from spending a terrific evening with my friends, I received a beautiful bracelet from one of them made by GAS Bijoux. I absolutely adore it, it’s a tiny pink string with beads that spell out “bonheur,” or happiness in English. Reading up on the company, I came to find that it was first established in Saint Tropez (ooh la la) and then swiftly expanded to multiple locations in Paris and other parts of Europe, and even one in NYC! This is great news for me, I plan on visiting the store on more than one occasion 🙂

Bracelets, necklace, and earrings by GAS bijouxTheir website has loads of really cute girly stuff, ranging from jewelry to watches, and even to perfume?! yea perfume and jewelry why not?

Oh and here’s a picture of Eva Longoria shopping for some goodies at GAS, maybe her French born hubbie turned her on to the brand?

Eva Longoria shopping for jewelry at GAS bijoux

Any plans to check it out?

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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