Everything Looks Better with a Big Ring

21 Jun

What’s Wrong with a little Bling Here and there?

This past weekend I went to Porto, Portugal with a few of my friends. In the span of 2 days we tried to fit in as many activities as possible, without excluding a Port wine tasting of course. So basically I am in love with the city. It’s a beach town with amazing architecture, food, and the weather could not have been more perfect.

Fashion there was fairly similar to France’s, except for the faux-hawks. My friends and I saw a lot of guys with these haircuts and could not help but be puzzled. Some of them even had frosted tips, oh my!

But besides that, we stumbled upon this amazing store that had the most unique looking jewelry I have seen in a while. All the pieces were unique and special in their own way, and they were, for the most part, no more than 5euros. Ok so it’s made of wire and stone, but still the designs are so original and I am certain that I will not see the same rings on any one in Paris; except of course if they went to that specific store in Porto.

Once inside, we were hooked. I think I tried on every single ring that was displayed. We all left with our wallets a bit lighter but our hearts content. That is of course until we found the stores second location. We just could not help ourselves. It was all completely different from the first store, so our shopping sprees continued. We ended up dropping quite a bit of money at this place, most likely helping them meet their quota for the next month and a half :p. Don’t get my wrong, I am not suffering from buyer’s remorse. At 5 Euros a pop I can afford the little splurge, besides now I have incredibly unique gifts to give to friends!

I plan on uploading a picture of the rings as soon as I get them off my camera. They are simply fabulous! For now let me give you a image : a piece of wire twisted and molded into different swirls to look like petals and small sandstone rock in the middle held together. Oh did i mention it’s also huge?

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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