Ripped Jeans, Score!

18 Jun

I finally found myself a pair of ripped jeans. Amazing right? I honestly didn’t think this day would come, but it has and I’m oh so excited about them! Last Saturday I had decided to walk around Paris, do some window shopping, and you know, naturally buy something if it really caught my eye.

Well I walked into Zara, whose prices, may I add, are undeniably cheaper than they are in the states. The store was packed, what a shocker really. Saturday is the only day people can go shopping aside from during the week. It really is rather inconvenient that everything is closed on Sunday. I mean how does that make sense? Most people are busy during the week, and the only time they have to go shopping, either for clothes or for groceries, is on the weekends. Then take one day away where everything is closed, and your shopping experience turns into torture waiting in line for half an hour just to try on clothes you may not even end up buying.

Yea that is what happened to me..

Well anyway, I picked up some pieces and watched as the already long line for the dressing rooms became twice as long in a matter of minutes. I quickly got in line, forced to ignore the selection in half the store because I figured, the longer I wait, the more likely I will end up hanging everything back and just giving up. My patience runs very thin when it comes to shopping and queues.

I stood in line for what seemed like ages, and as each second passed, the idea of quitting altogether was becoming very attractive. I made it though. I actually waited the whole time and once it was my turn I was ready to take all the time in the world that I needed. Complete with paying close attention to every angle and even throwing in a spin or two.

Back to the jeans. I tried them on and they were a size too big, that hurt. It really, really hurt. They were so cute and I just wanted them so much. I’m sure you can assume how this ended..I bought the jeans. They’re not huge, they fit fine, they don’t fall off, that’s what’s important. They are just a little loose and actually that makes them much more comfortable, considering how much I despise jeans.

ripped jeans by zara

Along with them I bought myself a strapless white knee-length dress, which I plan to bring to Portugal this weekend to test it out 🙂

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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