Fashion Turned Green

11 Jun

Eco-Friendly Clothes for the Hippie in all of Us

The whole “going green” theme is super popular nowadays. We have more energy efficient light bulbs, electric cars, so why not create something for the fashion world? Something that does not lose value or glam, but can help minimize that carbon footprint we are trying so desperately to diminish.

Well they’ve done it! Celebrity designers have begun making clothes, for various styles and occasions, more environmentally friendly. We can even see a lot of these dresses on the red carpet.

Celebrities wearing environmentally friendly clothes on the red carpet
(from left: Katy Perry wearing LED lights?!, moving on, Colin Firth’s wife wearing a custom made From Somewhere dress entirely made of recycled materials; again Colin Firth’s wife wearing the same brand; Maria Menounos wearing a dress made entirely of milk powder by Mr. Larkin)

So as you can see going green does not mean you have to lose out on any of the sparkle that comes with designer couture. All these dresses are gorgeous in their own way but manage to help out the environment or at least not add to its troubles.

And for us regular people here are some cute green clothes from Flora & Fauna

Green clothes from Flora and Fauna

(From left: Happy Tails Tunic, $95; Squirrel Beach Dress, $50; Dog Bless Top, $60)

Will you be participating in this new trend?

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris


One Response to “Fashion Turned Green”

  1. Fleur June 11, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    such a good idea!!!! eco friendly is the only way forward!!! h+m have a new range of eco friendly clothes i think … you should check it out!!! very good price!!!

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