Leather Jackets

2 Jun

At the Top of my Wishlist…

For the longest time now I’ve wanted a leather jacket. You know one of those cropped types that you can pair with basically anything to add a little edge.

The problem is however, that I want a real leather jacket. And usually real = very expensive.

This past Christmas break I had a trip planned to Morocco. Naturally I figured I would find myself the perfect leather jacket and pay half the price that French designers charge.

Once I got there though I was so overwhelmed by all the options that I just couldn’t do it. I outright failed at making a decision and left at the end of the trip empty handed. Well not entirely, instead of buying the one thing I was planning on, I ended up buying many other things and leaving without accomplishing my ultimate goal.

Fortunately for me, I have another Morocco trip planned for this weekend. Unfortunately I only have a weekend this time, not 9 days, so if I do decide to buckle down and make a choice, it will have to be fast.

Let’s cross our fingers that I will find what I am looking for!!

Nina Dobrev wearing a leather jacketI promise I posted this picture because I like the leather jacket, not just because I find Nina Dobrev beautiful! But in all seriousness I’ve noticed she wears it often on The Vampire Diaries and it truly does work with just about anything, dresses, jeans, you name it….

KRMA leather jacket, and only $650, not bad?! I want….:(

Now here’s something a bit more reasonably priced. $268 from Guess

Leather Jacket

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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