Wearing Leggings

1 Jun

Leggings Trend

I wasn’t joking when I said I hate wearing jeans, they’re just so binding. I would rather wear leggings day in and day out, but that’s a serious fashion faux pas that I would never allow myself to commit.

I was really excited to read that leggings are not only still in style this summer season, but more interesting prints and patterns are making their way to store shelves.

Look out for leggings with heavy prints on them. Be careful though, these pants make quite a statement, so make sure to pair them with simpler tops.

Print LeggingsThose are really something and only $17.28 at CXLondon.com

Also on the market are cutouts, and what’s awesome about this style is that you can actually make them yourselves without paying top dollar for a designer pair.

cutout leggingsSo maybe it looks like a washing machine accident, but to each his own right? $79 at revolveclothing.com

Shield your eyes, but don’t miss out on leggings with sequins! They take the casual and comfortable element of the pants but add just the right amount of pizzazz to turn the simplest outfit into the perfect choice for a night out.

leggings with sequinsSequins are too fun, and only $18.99 from Hot Topic

Finally we have body contouring leggings. Which apparently are supposed to highlight your most favorable assets while, at the same time, hide your least flattering ones.

slimming legginsSpecifically designed to create the illusion that legs are longer and slimmer, $70 at Newport News

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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