Applying Red Lipstick

1 Jun

Red Lipstick Tips

I’ve already mentioned how deep my affection towards the color red runs, for that reason I want to talk about red lipstick.

It’s a shade I’ve always wanted to own but been too afraid to invest in. I mean you have to be very careful when choosing red lipstick. There are so many different hues that could either complement the different shades of your skin, or, seriously cramp your style.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect color for you:

First off figure out your skin tone, is it cool or warm?

Warm would be someone with olive or yellow undertones.If that’s you, stick with a lipstick that has hints of orange or brown.

If you decide you are cool skinned, someone with pink or red undertones, pick a color with blue or pin hues.

I feel like the ability to wear red lipstick comes with age. If you are too young it just doesn’t look right and definitely sends the wrong message.

The color red carries with it a sense of passion and sexyness, glamour and sophistication, but above all a great level of confidence. Because as we can assume, a lady entering a room with bright red lipstick is not there to be humble, but in fact, wants to be noticed.

Ooo they both look like vampires, hottt!

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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