The Little Red Dress

28 May

I love the color red, it is my ultimate favorite color and has been ever since I was little. I remember having this adorable red and white ruffled shirt that my father bought me, and feeling so pretty every time I wore it.

My dad has great taste when it comes to clothes and always an eye for color, he and my mom started early raising a little fashionista. Ever since then, I cannot help but stick with my signature color. From tank tops to blazers, red will always remain an important staple in my closet.

This brings me to my next topic: the little red dress. We all know about the infamous little black dress that basically every woman owns, but what about the red version? Whenever you want to feel sexy and turn some heads, red is the go-to color. But make sure to stick with a simple style and nothing too low cut or short, you don’t want to run the risk of looking cheap!

Celebrities know what’s up, such an easy outfit to put together with a pair of black heels and you’re good to go anywhere…for the most part.

In an article from CNN, a study discovered that men are more attracted to women when they wear the color red. From a sample size of 150 (not colorblind) male participants, results showed that the men found women in red sexier and more appealing and are even willing to pay more money on a date…hmm that’s an interesting notion.

Here’s my very own little red dress, and my roomie’s little black one 😀

Don’t forget to splash some red on your style!

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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