How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Jeans for Your Body Type

27 May

Shopping for jeans has always been somewhat of a hassle for me. It’s just always such a process to find the ones that fit you well in your waist, hips, butt, thighs, and the length. When you do find such a pair treasure them with your life, because they really are magical.

What really irks me is that those types of pants, you know the ones that give your butt just the right lift and elongate your legs, always seem to cost a good deal over $100. And anyone who can truly say they found perfectly fitting jeans for less than that, please contact me right away! (and also include a picture from the front and back, I shall be the one to judge 😉 )

Anyway, here are a few tips to choose the right jeans for your body type, whether you have an apple bottom, no bottom, a pear shaped body, or are blessed with an hourglass, follow these simple instructions and shopping for jeans shouldn’t be such a treacherous task anymore.

Ok let’s start from the beginning, here are the different varieties our bodies come in :D:

Rectangular: not very common but identified as shoulders and hips being of equal width and very little waist definition. Usually comes with a flat butt and thin legs with a tendency to gain weight in the tummy, thighs, and love handles. Maybe even have a bit of a pot belly.

The perfect pair: so we want to make it appear like there is more of a butt than there really is. A pair of relaxed flared fit jeans that     are tight enough around your butt to lift it is the best bet. Smaller pockets in the back also create the illusion that the butt is larger than in reality.

Pear Shape: Seen as having rounded hips and quite a large bottom as well as a defined waist. The shoulders tend to be narrow and weight is gained in the butt, and thighs. Also a body type like this is prone to having saddle bags while the stomach stays relatively flat.

The perfect pair: Boot-cut and flared legs provide a leaner look. Heels are a huge plus for bottom heavy gals, they just make everything look better. Darker washes and low pockets make the butt appear smaller but can also shorten legs. Once again, nothing heels can’t fix!

Hourglass: Basically balance of everything, think of Marilyn Monroe. Anyway great proportionate curves throughout, curvy bottom, hips, and with a defined waist. Legs are shapely and weight gain spreads out into love handles, stomach, and thighs. Even though this seems ideal, it turns out it’s not so easy to buy jeans even for those lucky enough to look like this.

The perfect pair: Stay away from anything that is bulky at the thighs and too baggy. The combo of baggy and curvy will make it seem as though you are much larger than you actually are. If you can pull it off, go for low rise jeans that accentuate your hips and show off your litte waist. Apparently most designer jeans are made with this body type in mind, so I guess that means to make the most of your body type in jeans you must pay top dollar. That’s quite unfortunate actually…

Inverted Triangle: Broad shoulders, narrow hips, and long legs. Weight gain is most noticeable in the stomach, breasts, and arms. The butt normally remains pretty flat and the thighs slender.

The perfect pair:  Boot-cut and flared legs create a long lean look. Attention must be diverted from the broad shoulders to the narrow hips. Lighter washes can benefit the legs and knees and add shape to the thighs.

Full rounded: Round body with somewhat of a full and short waist, wide rib cage, and rounded neck and back. Hips are proportionately lower, and legs are slender.

The perfect pair: Once again stick with the boot-cut to create that lean look. Also darker washes are much more slimming. The goal is the remove focus from the hip, thigh, and bottom region. Large pockets that are loosely spaced also add to the slimming effect.

Wow this post came out to be longer than I thought it would. Picking out a pair of jeans that are flattering is like a science, precisely why I hate doing it, I was never good in science!

Happy Shopping (or more like Good Luck!)


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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