Before There Was Gossip Girl, SATC Ruled the Streets of Fashionable NYC

27 May

Now that there are only days left until Sex and The City 2 comes out in theatres, the countdown has truly begun. Always at the forefront of fashion, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte do it again by adding even more glitz and glamour to the silver screen.

Who doesn’t want to look like them? Have a closet brimming with Manolo Blahniks and Christian Louboutins, drawers overflowing with La Perla lingerie, and couture gowns lining the walls? As portrayed in the show and the movies, these women truly do live the high life, but is it possible for the rest of us to dress like them? You know those of us who don’t have the disposable income of Bill Gates.

Apparently it is! Thanks to Cosmo Magazine we can now buy our very own shoes that even Miss, or should I say Mrs. Bradshaw would approve of…

Here is  SJP wearing beautiful, but overly expensive sparkly gold Christian Louboutin’s. Right beside it we have very similar, unfortunately not glittery, but still pretty Charles David bronze pumps. The best part is, they are only $88!

Ah the newspaper dress, somehow she manages to pull it off. The gorgeous floral shoes definitely lend a hand in making this outfit SATC worthy. Dollhouse brings us the affordable version, at only $60.

What an amazing casual look for a warm NYC day, the lavender color of her pumps just screams summertime! Here’s the Steve Madden version for $109.95. I’m not too happy with this comparison. I usually try to stay away from Steve Madden shoes unless they are flats because from experience not only are they overpriced for their cheap quality but they are almost as uncomfortable as Jessica Simpson shoes. This pair is definitely not a potential purchase for me this summer.

Charlotte, the sweetest but most naïve of the four. Let’s ignore for a second that she looks like an over the hill Barbie Doll and just concentrate on how incredibly cute those shoes are. I love the pastel colors. The cheaper version…umm not even close. Come on Cosmo, step up your game! They’re not awful but at $100 from Guess, they’re not my cup of tea.

Finally, back to Carrie and her always versatile style. There’s something about these funky caged heels that really appeals to me. And the Aldo version for $80 is actually really cute too.

Who else is on the edge of their seats counting down the days until the new movie premieres?


~ an American girl in Paris ~


One Response to “Before There Was Gossip Girl, SATC Ruled the Streets of Fashionable NYC”

  1. Karim May 27, 2010 at 4:11 pm #

    Jarden secret would match her too!

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