Scarves, Thank you France for Making them a Staple in my Wardrobe

20 May

I love French scarf culture.Maybe it’s all the Europeans but I just notice it much more since I live here. It’s such a terrific accent to complete any outfit or add that little hint of color.

Everyone wears scarves here, men, women, children, does not matter, a scarf is always present. All the tourist shops are packed with different colored pashminas with seriously cheap prices. Most likely the percentage of actual cashmere found in the scarf is something like .08, but at 5 Euros a pop, why not splurge?

Scarves are so versatile; if it’s too hot out you can tie it around your purse and jazz it up a bit. It can be worn as a headband, or maybe even a bandana, whatever floats your boat. Point is, scarves are an awesome fashion accessory that I feel isn’t fully appreciated in the U.S.

We should take a page out of Europe’s book and incorporate more scarves into our daily attire.

Check out these fresh new ways of changing up the way you tie your scarf!

Happy Shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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