Jeans, to Rip or not to Rip?

20 May

I’m one of those people who really dislike wearing jeans. I would rather wear skirts, dresses, spandex pants, anything that is more flexible than jeans. The problem is that all the popular styles are usually tight and tend to get uncomfortable after a long day.

Also what is up with them stretching out after 10 min? If I pay almost $200 for jeans I would hope that they could keep their shape at least for 2 days of wear. I guess jean brands do it on purpose so you wash the jeans more often, which in turn will wear them out and force you to buy a new pair more frequently than not.

Lately I’ve been looking to buy a pair ripped ones, nothing too crazy but you know a few holes and strings here and there. Who would have thought that one day we would actually pay money to buy ripped clothes?

Unfortunately I can never seem to find the right pair. It either fits funny or is too ripped up, but I am not giving up. My goal for the last 2 weeks of summer before school will be to find the perfect pair of ripped jeans, I think I can do it!

That’s what I would call an overzealous attempt. Nice try though!

There we go, much better, thank you Cameron Diaz, precisely the style I was looking for. Voila, the perfect amount of rippage…

Thoughts on the ripped jeans look?

Happy Shopping


~ an American girl in Paris ~


2 Responses to “Jeans, to Rip or not to Rip?”


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