Fashion Forward on the Upper East Side

20 May

Being in France means that I am one day behind schedule when shows air new episodes. As a result, I hadn’t watched the Gossip Girl season finale until last night, which would make me two days late only because I didn’t have a chance Tuesday night. Besides the fact that the finale was completely ridiculous, they did leave me wanting more, which I’m sure was their goal.

Usually I follow Blair’s outfits because I find her absolutely adorable, always dressed to impress, and very prim and proper. Serena on the other hand is the more provocative one. They made her character to be a bit flighty and I guess that makes sense when it comes to her wardrobe, which consists of extremely short dresses that are either backless or low-cut.

However, I was pleasantly surprised last night during the scene where she and Blair plan to travel to Paris for the summer. She had this gorgeous strapless dress on, but the best part wasn’t even the dress, it was the necklace she was wearing along with it. It was this very chunky and detailed collier that put the entire outfit together.

Bold necklaces are very in this season, so naturally I am dying to get my hands on something very similar.

Oh it’s so beautiful! I just love how it conforms to the curves of her body and just sits perfectly. Blake Lively’s sun kissed skin accentuates the true beauty of the necklace much better than that scary pale version, unfortunately that picture was all that was available.

The necklace is made up of copper and diamonds and is a one of a kind piece by Carla Reiter, costing over $5000.

Not bad, but a bit out of my price range…someday though 😀

p.s. thank god little J has left the building, girl was getting really annoying

Happy Shopping


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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