Shoes, Let’s get some Shoes…Let’s Party!

19 May

I love shoes. It’s actually become quite a disease but the first step is to admit you have a problem right? Well here goes, my name is Alina and I can’t stop buying shoes, there I said it.

Moving on to my latest buy. There’s this really amazing store in the Marais, the Jewish quarter of Paris, where I found a little gem of a store that sells nice quality clothes at a discount. The best part is, is that they have shoes as well. On my latest trip there, ahem last weekend, I picked up the most adorable ballet tie-up espadrilles.

I was really itching for a pair of nude colored shoes, because apparently, according to numerous magazines, they are supposed to elongate your legs. Be honest, who wouldn’t want to do that? Anyway they can go with just about any outfit and are so lightweight and comfortable that I feel like I’m wearing slippers. But wait, I haven’t even disclosed the most amazing part…they cost me 20 euro!

Living in Paris and comparing this buy with normal prices just does not seem real. I’m waiting for something to go terribly wrong with them, like as I’m walking they would just completely disintegrate, but hopefully they will not meet such a brutal end.

They look almost exactly like these ones found on, except now I really want the red version!

Summer is the ultimate time to go shopping. When the sun is shining and you feel a warm breeze on your face, happiness is all of that combined with some shopping therapy. I love window shopping at shoe stores to see what’s popular this season and what new styles I can snag. There are always the staples: platforms, wedges, flats, and sandals, but the variety of shoes available out there can persuade even the most frugal of shoppers to let go of those pennies.

What’s your go-to style this summer season?

Happy shopping!


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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