Purses, Just a Little Bag, but We Feel Naked Outside Without It

19 May

I’m not one to fawn over handbags, actually that’s not true at all, I love handbags almost as much as I love shoes. As a lady, a handbag represents more than just a mere accessory. It is our whole life contained in one small, bejeweled (or not), package.

Among all the products people own nowadays, the ones that go into a handbag are the chosen ones; Supplies we just cannot seem to live without.

When transferring my prized possessions from one purse to the other, I give this process my utmost attention. Otherwise, can you imagine forgetting just one thing? I would feel unbalanced and vulnerable.

Considering this item’s importance and its presence in everyday life, one must choose handbags that reflect personality and style, as well as match accordingly to the outfit. Surprisingly people do notice if the design on your handbag clashes with the design of your cardigan. As my friend put it the other day, regarding my outfit and chosen handbag, “it’s just too busy, those two prints don’t work well together.” After realizing the truth in the statement, I walked away with my head sunk low and shame in the pit of my stomach.

Of course this is no catastrophe, I hope that my clashing handbag and outfit will be the biggest problem in my life, but my friend had a point. In my opinion, the outfit was adorable, but it was overshadowed by the fact that I simply had not had enough time to change purses. Oh well, we all make mistakes right?

Good thing the Fashion Police weren’t out and about in Paris that day!

What are your fashion don’ts?

Happy Shopping!


~an American girl in Paris ~


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