Now that the Sun is Shining Bright, New Sunglasses are in Order, n’est-ce pas?

18 May

So lately I’ve really been craving some new sunglasses.

This is somewhat of a shame really, considering how expensive of an item they are plus the less than reasonable exchange rate. But once I get an idea in my mind of something I terribly want, I usually find ways to rationalize buying it.

Assuming that this purchase will be completed shortly, let’s get into the more important aspects such as the type of sunglasses I want. I already own a pair of classic aviators, as well as those oversized designer ones that make me look like a bug, and of course the overly popular colorful RayBans that everyone and their mother seem to own nowadays.

I feel like it’s time for a change, something totally different and radical. I’m going to throw this idea out there, and I know it’s a crazy one. But for this summer, to spark up my look, I want a pair of funky plastic 80’s style aviators. I know, I know this is a life changing decision, and I don’t usually stray from my regular look but this summer seems to be carrying a new wave of experiences in my life.

All kidding aside, I obviously realize these sunglasses will neither bring about any serious changes nor are they really all that different from ones I already own, but my life over the past year has been a constant ride and I think my style should reflect that. Every day brings something new and to complement growing up and seeing things I haven’t seen before, I believe it is my duty to match my appearance with how great I feel about where I am now. And if great is defined by a new wardrobe complete with new accessories, then so be it.

Marie Claire was kind enough to provide an array of options that may interest me. Urban Outfitters for $16 is quite a steal, but why is it I can’t get my eyes off of Marni for $369?

What’s your sunglass flavor?

Happy Shopping


~ an American girl in Paris ~


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