May, and it’s still raining?

17 May

Springtime in Paris, everyone’s dream. The flowers are blooming, everything is green, and the people are getting friendlier (for the most part). I am so ready to start the summer and pull out all my flowy dresses from the back of my closet. For some reason though, the weather does not seem to want to get any better. I feel like we’re stuck in a rut of dreary, rainy days, and the groundhog really jinxed us this year.
On the bright side, with the nonstop cloudiness I have been able to refrain from doing any serious shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I tend to pick up a thing or two every few days, but for the most part I haven’t had a chance to do any major damage, as of yet…

Browsing has given me a pretty good idea of what’s in store for this summer. Most shops and boutiques are displaying beautifully printed dresses in floral and bright color schemes. The whole floral motif has really taken off and is apparent in skirts, tops, dresses, purses, honestly anything you name it. And it’s all so cute! I’ve been frantically searching for a particular floral print dress, I have the picture of it in my mind exactly the way I want it. I imagine a strapless or very thin spaghetti strapped dress about thigh high but with a full skirt that comes out as though wearing a tutu. I am obsessed with finding a skirt that mimics a tutu, but one that is not as ridiculous..and not pink, because that would just be too much to handle.

Living in Paris has made it hard not spending money, much less saving it. With the array of food choices and entertainment, I find myself cutting back on grocery shopping so as to be able to afford the new styles and add even more “necessities” to my already overflowing closet. But a girl can never have too many options right? At least that’s what I tell my dad when we go on vacation together and he finds himself dragging my suitcase through the airport with all my “options.”

People dress in a very interesting and inspiring way here. For every fashionably dressed couple, there are two others who are just so tacky that you manage to forget what city you’re in. I sometimes find myself missing certain stores in the US though.

I recently found out that my absolute favorite place to shop, Free People, has begun to ship products to France! This is very exciting news for me, and pretty ridiculous as well, honestly I do realize that. I live in the fashion capital and I want to order clothes from the US? I know I know who does that really? Well I probably won’t end up going through with it, considering just shipping costs about $30. Unfortunately I receive weekly emails from them about their new catalogue or latest collections.

Talk about a wide variety of exactly what I have been looking for: girly, fairy type floral dresses that scream “buy me, and don’t worry about the shipping costs, it’s totally worth it!” By far my favorite piece that I have seen so far is the Casablanca Dress, complete with bead embellishments, lace, and a lightweight barely there quality. This dress looks as though it can make any girl feel like a princess and it hurts that much more that I cannot touch it or try it on.

The boutiques here are full of lace and short, dainty, babydoll dresses. There is something about an intricately designed lace pattern that adds a romantic touch to any outfit. A few weekends ago I wore said dress that I paired with black fishnet stockings, black ballet flats, and a long black cardigan. Considering many of my French aquaintances could not stop complementing me, I would say the outfit choice for that night was a success. Any flattering remarks coming from Parisians concerning my fashion decisions significantly boosts my self confidence, I mean I’m going to stereotype and believe they know what looks good!

So here’s an idea of the outfit. Unfortunately I couldn’t find exact matches but you’ll get the point.

Happy shopping xoxo
~ an american girl in paris ~


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